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Predicting on sports should be fun and rewarding not the reason you lose all your savings. Play smarter, predict on Pooky.

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Supply: Unlimited
Total levels: 20
Base Attribute Points: 30
Supply: 77,65%
Total levels: 40
Base Attribute Points: 50
Pooky ball card
Supply: 16,88%
Total levels: 60
Base Attribute Points: 80
Pooky ball card
Supply: 4,47%
Total levels: 80
Base Attribute Points: 120
Pooky ball card
Supply: 1,00%
Total levels: 100
Base Attribute Points: 170

Each Pookyball is unique

Every Pookyball has different Attributes that boost the number of Points awarded for correct predictions.

How to play

Select your competition

FIFA World Cup games available for the launch.
Available leagues : Premier League, LaLiga, Serie-A, Bundesliga & Ligue 1.

Make a prediction

Pooky uses real odds to calculate points you can win.

How to play

Rank and win

At the end of every matchday, players rank on dedicated competition leaderboards. Your rank will determine your rewards.

How to play

Upgrade your ball

Tradable Pookyballs are available in our marketplace. They offer access the Play-and-Earn competitions.

How to play


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