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I'm a Pookyball

Get Access to Pooky

To get started, you need a Pookyball. This ball acts as a gateway to the world of Pooky, where you can make predictions, compete with others, and earn rewards.

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BoostI'm a Pookyball

Boost Your Prediction points

By owning a Pookyball, you'll be able to upgrade and boost your prediction stats. This will increase your chances of earning bigger rewards on your predictions.

Earn RewardsI'm a Pookyball

Earn Rewards

Minimum rewards are shared amongst players for every Matchday of every league and competition. Prize pools increase weekly, based on sales of new Pookyballs. No matter your rank, you will win rewards.

I'm a Pookyball
5200/6000 pxp

Upgrade your ball

Level up your Pookyballs to improve your game. The more experience your balls gathers the more predictions point boosters you’ll have for the next Matchday.

Every Pookyball is Unique

Each Pookyball has its own set of attributes, including league, club, prediction stats, and design. This makes every Pookyball unique and adds to the excitement of the game.
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Unique design made by Serial Cut

Established in 1999, Serial Cut is a creative and art direction studio that represents brands like Nike, Red Bull, Spotify... They create iconic imagery, animations and extended realities, by using digital, physical or virtual techniques.


Pookyballs come in different rarities, from Common to Rare, Epic to Legendary. Choose the right one for you and join the competition.
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Supply: Unlimited
Total levels: 20
Base Attribute Points: 30
Supply: 77,65%
Total levels: 40
Base Attribute Points: 50
Supply: 16,88%
Total levels: 60
Base Attribute Points: 80
Supply: 4,47%
Total levels: 80
Base Attribute Points: 120
Supply: 1,00%
Total levels: 100
Base Attribute Points: 170

Season 1 Collection

Pookyballs are the key to unlock Pro Leagues and start earning MATIC today.

Browse our marketplace to find the Pookyball that will help you lead the Pooky leaderboards.

Limited supply, be quick.

Genesis collection

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Ready to join the competition? Head over to our marketplace to get your Pookyball today and start making predictions.


Explore the marketplace, buy Pookyballs and try to win leaderboards.

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Learn more about Pooky balls

Don't know where to start? Check out our articles to learn more about Pookyballs and choose the right one for you. From common to rare, epic to legendary, we've got you covered.
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Got more questions? Check out our FAQ for more information about Pookyballs.
What are Pookyballs?
Pookyballs are (tradable) digital collectibles that give access to the Pro Leagues in Pooky. Pookyballs will boost your prediction points.
What are the benefits of having a Pookyball?
Tradable Pookyballs are the key to access Play-and-Earn mode on Pooky. The will boost your base predictions points in the game. Playing the right Pookyball can make a huge difference in how well you rank in the leaderboard and therefore improve your rewards. The rarer the Pookyball, the more benefits it offers.
What type of Pookyballs are available?
There are different rarities of Pookyballs, each with its own key attributes and benefits. Some of the different rarities include Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Basic Pookyballs are also available to test the game for free with limited rewards. However, top 5 players in each Matchday win a Common Pookyball and unlock the Pro leagues.
What is the Genesis Collection?
The Genesis collection was the first release of tradable Pookyballs… ever. On top of getting exclusive features, owners of this collection were first to access Play-and-Earn mode that launched on March 22nd 2023.
How do I get a Pookyball?
You can get Pookyballs from our Marketplace. Collections are released periodically.
Are Pookyballs necessary to play the game?
Yes, Pookyballs are necessary to play the game. However, you can get 2 free Pookyballs in the Free-to-Play version of the game.
If you want to full-experience of Pooky with actual rewards you’ll need to own a tradable Pookyball to activate the play-to-earn version of the game.
Can I trade Pookyballs with other players?
Yes, you can trade Pookyballs with other players in the game. Although you might have to rely on third party platforms for that until we launch our own secondary marketplace.
Can I upgrade my Pookyball?
Yes, every Pookyball can be upgraded. The rarer the ball the more its upgrade capabilities.
Do Pookyballs expire?
No, Pookyballs do not expire. You can keep them as long as you like.
How does the reward ladder work for Pookyballs?
The reward ladder in Pooky determines the distribution of rewards based on the rank of players. The top 1% of players receive 28% of the rewards, the top 8% receive 66% of the rewards, and the top 50% receive 100% of the rewards.

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