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Evolution of Gameplay: A Leap Forward

April 2, 2024
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Evolution of Gameplay: A Leap Forward

Welcome to the New Era of Pooky

After an incredible journey of hitting close to 3 million predictions, engaging over 4,000 Pro League players, and giving football predictions the gamification it always needed, it's time for an exciting shift in the Pooky experience. Fuelled by data and user feedback, Pooky is undergoing an exciting evolution, combining the familiarity of the football prediction game you’ve come to love, with some all-new innovative features and a mobile-first approach.

Evolution of Gameplay: A Leap Forward

Pooky's gameplay is evolving, driven by a deep understanding of user preferences and a desire to elevate the gaming experience. This evolution encompasses a significant upgrade in gameplay mechanics, making Pooky more engaging, strategic, and rewarding than ever. While the core gameplay remains focused on predicting scores, boosting points, and well, dominating leaderboards, we're introducing several game-changing features.

Part 1: Play without limits

1.1 Lifetime League Passes

Say goodbye to playing within bounds of energy and hello to unlimited access with the introduction of League Passes. These passes allow you to unlock your favourite leagues for life, offering a new level of freedom and fun in football prediction.

League Passes replace Pookyballs, and as promised, ensuring lifetime access to the game and opening up new possibilities for gameplay across multiple leagues.

Just to reiterate, as this was a big restraint for so many… No more energy limits holding you back—just pure, unadulterated football prediction fun.

For our loyal players, worry not. You'll be able to move your current collection, reflecting your level and current progression, into the new game. Dive deeper into the transition here.

1.2 Predict Your Way

The number of leagues you can predict now hinges on the number of League Passes you decide to unlock. But it doesn't stop there. Your League Pass isn't just a ticket to the game; it's a customisable NFT/digital collectible that you tailor to fit your unique gaming strategy. Through customisation and add-ons, you'll be able to forge a path unique to you!

Initially purchasable in five distinct rarities—Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary—each League Pass can be acquired on our marketplace. And for those who dare to climb higher, exclusive rarities await. Ascend from Legendary to Mythic, and from Mythic to Ultimate, unlocking new levels of gameplay and strategy.

Imagine you're holding an English Premier League Pass but you also want to get in on some French Ligue 1 action. With just 2 League Passes, both leagues become your playground, fully unlocked and ready for your predictions. The path to predicting across multiple leagues has never been smoother or more accessible, at all levels.

PART 2: More Ways To Boost

2.1 Elevate your game with Advanced Strategies!

Introducing a more nuanced strategy and tactical landscape. The latest evolution introduces a multi-layered approach to boosting your game: this system allows you to apply powerful boosters at an Account level, League level, and Match level, each offering distinct advantages and adding depth to your strategic planning.

2.2 Match Level: Game-by-Game Tactics

2.2.1 Collect Team Boosters

Players will be able to collect their favourite clubs and nations which will boost every time you predict their fixtures. The more you collect, the more the prediction boost of that team will increase! This makes them become a formidable tool in your prediction arsenal, for each league you play.

How do you acquire them? Well, any time you land an Exact Score, players are rewarded with Team Boosters of each participating Team relevant to the League you predicted. So, if you nail an Exact Score in the Manchester City versus Liverpool game, you will be rewarded with Team Boosters for both! The amount if team boosters you get per exact score will depend on the rarity of your league pass.

Team boosters can also be purchased via the marketplace in packs. Hunting for Teams just became more valuable than ever.

2.2.2 Introducing Consumables

Each league you have unlocked will generate random Consumables every week, requiring strategic use across your predictions. Consumables include outcomes, exact scores, # of goals, BTTS, etc., and there will be an element of luck each week, as to which consumables your league pass will generate each week.

Ready for a plot twist? Players are limited to using up to 3 Consumables per prediction, and can only be used once. So use them wisely until your next weekly booster refill.

2.3 League Level: Prediction Attributes and Stickers

2.3.1 Prediction Attributes

When you get your league pass, it you be allocated a range of attributes. These include Boosts attributes, such as Outcome and Exact score, as well as improving the efficiency of consumables, such attributes including goal difference, Over/Under, Cards Issued, etc.

Every League pass will come with the 2 General Prediction attributes (Outcome and Exact), then League Passes from Uncommon onwards will randomly unlock additional attributes.

The “Outcome” will boost  Home/Draw/Away attribute of the current game. As players will only play with 1 league pass

2.3.2 Boost your performance with Stickers

Players will be able to attach Stickers to their League Pass in the same way as in the current gameplay, though now excluding Teams.

Players will be able to customise the performance of their League Passes, such as increasing the power of Consumables, increasing prediction attributes, improving XP gains, and even generating extra stickers each week. These are all choices players will have to make along the way.

To get hold of these Stickers for your League Passes, you can purchase them via the marketplace from Packs containing various rarities, trade them with players, and further down the line, craft them (future build).

The ability to customise and enhance League Passes through upgrades encourages players to develop unique strategies and adapt to the dynamic challenges of the game.

2.4 Account Level : Shape Your Unique Strategy

A new strategic playground comes at the account level. Here, you can unlock and level-up overarching skills, based on prediction performance. These skills are account-wide and amplify your performance across the leagues you have unlocked. This approach allows for an intricate layering of strategies, where decisions made at one level can complement or enhance tactics.

Introduction of the Skill Tree

Players in the game will earn XP to invest into an all new Skill Tree, allowing them to customise their gameplay by picking and improving skills across a variety of categories based around predictions.

These skill choices will mean that players to tailor their strategies and gameplay experience within the game, making it all the more unique to them.

PART 3: Leaderboards & Rewards

3.1 Unveiled: A New Era of Competition

Get ready for an enhanced mix of competition with our revamped leaderboards and reward system. You can now engage in battles on weekly, monthly, and rarity-based leaderboards, sharpening your prediction skills and earning rewards for your prowess.

The biggest rewards remain for the top 50%, but 100% of players will continue to land other rewards, proportional to their ranking and performance.

With the updated gameplay, we will also see the introduction of our new token $TPK. Being developed to replace POK and MATIC. Think of this as a tradable version of POK, as planned in our current whitepaper. A more detailed deep-dive into $TPK can be read here.

3.2 More rewards than ever before

From XP to $TPK, and Team Boosters to Consumables, there’s a diverse range of rewards to fuel your journey to the pinnacle of prediction prowess!

These updates aim to enhance the game's economy by providing a more sustainable and versatile reward system. Let’s check out an overview of the rewards:

  • $TPK: Earned through your prediction performances, players will be battling out on weekly, monthly, and rarity leaderboards.
  • Experience Points (XP):
    • League & Stickers XP: Earned through prediction points from matchdays, offering additional boosts.
    • Account XP: Gained from correct outcomes, contributing to the progression of a player's Avatar at that account-wide level.
  • Team Boosters: These are dished out for predicting exact scores, where players are rewarded Team Boosters for each participating team.

All this aims to provide a diverse range of rewards, encouraging active participation and strategic gameplay within our awesome Pooky community.

3.3 More Social Than Ever: Groups and Hall of Fame!

All players will be able to immerse themselves in the social aspect of the game with the introduction of Groups and Hall of Fame leaderboards. For Groups, simply join private or public leagues, fostering camaraderie and adding an extra layer of competition to your gaming experience, basically bringing more fun to the game.

Then we have the Hall of Fame. Enter the Hall of Fame and compare your performance with fellow Pooky players. While there may be no monetary rewards for either of these, the bragging rights within the Pooky community are priceless. Simply join the friendly competition, connect with other players, and discover where you stand in the ever-growing world of Pooky.

Everything to Play For.

Pooky's evolution is not just an update; it's the next step in football prediction gamification. With a focus on user preferences, innovation, and a commitment to maintaining the essence of football predictions, the all-new Pooky promises a new-level of gaming experience.

Stay tuned for more details and explore the depths of Pooky's evolution in the comprehensive whitepaper, which will drop in Q2. It's time to redefine your football prediction gaming experience!

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