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Transition from MATIC to POK Rewards

July 8, 2024
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Transition from MATIC to POK Rewards

Hey, Pooky fans! We've got an update to share about our Pro League.

Remember that announcement we made about the transition period? Well, it's happening – just one week from now, we see MATIC replaced by an increase in POK.

So, What's Changing?

Reward Transition

Starting from Gameweek 87 (so that's from Tuesday 16th July 2024), we're saying goodbye to MATIC rewards, but a big hello to EXTRA POK rewards in its place.

Accelerate Progress

The transition brings a 66% increase in total POK rewards. This means you'll be able to accelerate your progress in levelling up assets and secure an even better starting position in the upcoming ScoreRush Pro dropping in August.

Pro Tip: Use the boosted POK rewards to level up your Pookyballs and Stickers. Each player's Pooky assets will get the primary marketplace value + the level of your Pookyball or Stickers (up to 1.5x the initial value).
For example, a Level 0 Common Pookyball will be valued at $25 - but $37 when maxed!

For more info on the transition and to estimate your current collection, you can check out the original blog we shared back in April.

Transition Blog

Why This Matters

More Value: The increased POK give you a fantastic opportunity to boost your collection value, which feeds into ScoreRush Pro.

Preparation Time: This 5-week transition period allows you to adapt and strategise ahead of the launch of the new Pro version in August.

Mobile App Transition: Just like ScoreRush free-to-play, we're building the new ScoreRush Pro game as an app, making it even more accessible to our global community.

What You Need to Do

Keep playing Pooky: Continue battling in Pooky’s Pro League to take full advantage of the increased POK Rewards.

Strategise: Use this time to plan how you'll maximise your earnings with the new POK rewards system.

Get Ahead: If you're not already playing our new free-to-play game, ScoreRush, then do! It's going to give you a sneak peak of what we are building for the Pro version!

Play Now

ScoreRush Pro Is Coming

We'll be sharing more details about ScoreRush Pro soon, but for now, here's a quick reminder of what's in store:

Lifetime League Passes: Say goodbye to energy limits and hello to unlimited access across multiple leagues.

Advanced Boosting Mechanics: Leverage powerful new ways to boost your predictions at Account, League, and Match level.

Revamped Rewards System: Earn more rewards than ever before introducing weekly, monthly, and rarity-based leaderboards.

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