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Introducing $TPK, Pooky's Native Token

April 2, 2024
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Introducing $TPK, Pooky's Native Token

Introducing $TPK, Pooky's Native Token

With an exciting new era of Pooky on the horizon, many of the updates that we have announced are part of the evolution to facilitate the arrival of our native token.

Since the inception of our project in 2022, we have meticulously planned the launch of this token, aiming to foster long-term appreciation and enhance the gaming experience for our community. This article delves into the rationale behind our decision to create a native token and outlines the mechanisms we have put in place to ensure its success.

Why transitioning to a Native Token is Beneficial?

A native token, unique to Pooky and operating on a blockchain, serves as a versatile medium of exchange and payment within our ecosystem. The decision to create our own token, rather than relying on existing cryptocurrencies like ETH or MATIC, was driven by the desire for greater flexibility and the potential to directly link the token's success to the engagement and growth of our community.

Outside of the native token itself, we will introduce a system that allows us to create a fully off-chain replicated experience. This approach not only incentivises player engagement in the project but also facilitates a seamless introduction to the web3 world for newcomers, eliminating common barriers such as,

  • Digital wallet creation
  • Initial gas procurement
  • Transaction signatures

Crypto wallets will only be necessary if you wish to either sell in-game assets outside of the game marketplace or if you wish to sell your native tokens ($TPK).

For Pooky, having our native token allows for more nuanced control over monetary policy and opens avenues for fundraising, ultimately contributing to the project's sustainability and growth.

Building upon players' familiarity with the concept of a native token, exemplified by POK, despite its soul-bound nature, the launch of $TPK represents a significant evolution. Now, players can engage in unrestricted trading, amplifying the economic dynamics within the game ecosystem and fostering deeper community engagement.

The Mechanics of Pooky’s Token

Pooky's token is designed with a fixed supply, ensuring scarcity and value preservation. The distribution of the token supply is strategically allocated to prioritize players, with a significant portion reserved for rewards, and the remainder distributed among investors, operations, marketing, and the Pooky team. This is how it will look:

  • Rewards: 50% are going directly to the players from the game
  • Investors and buyers: 17.5%
  • Operations & Marketing: 17.5%
  • Team and advisors: 15%, to incentivise people to the project’s success

Players can earn tokens through successful predictions in the game, and the token can be utilised within the game for various enhancements and features.

A unique aspect of our token economy is the allocation of spending within the game: 89% will be reinvested into reward pools, 10% will support company development, and 1% will be burnt and permanently removed from circulation.

Supporting Token Price Stability

Our primary objective is to cultivate a steady and healthy appreciation of the token value. To achieve this, we have implemented several mechanisms that will allow us to positively control supply and stimulate demand:

  • In-game spendings to progress, priced in tokens, encourages player engagement and allows Pooky to develop further features or manage the features’ pricing. (ex. level-up your assets)
  • The initial share allocated to investors and marketing is relatively low compared to industry benchmarks. This means most of the supply will be slowly distributed to players at a steady speed.
  • The reward distribution velocity (how fast we distribute the reward pool) is closely related to players’ in-game spending, guaranteeing real interest from players. It is also capped on a monthly basis to control the offer side of the pricing equilibrium once the game reaches a critical mass.
  • Pooky will be receiving a share of the in-app spending. This will be used to fund development, driving more players to the game and creating a positive feedback loop.
  • The total supply is capped and includes a 1% burn rate for any transaction on the game. This means the number of tokens in circulation is diminishing over time, but the total tokens represent the value of the economy. As such, each token represents increasingly more of the economic value.

Building a Sustainable Game Economy with Expertise and Investment Support

At Pooky, we are forging a path toward a sustainable game economy, backed by a team of top-tier professionals and substantial investment support. Our collaboration with Swiss Economics brings together leading crypto economists, alongside skilled token engineers and game economy designers, all working in concert to craft a robust tokenomics model.

Our commitment to excellence has clearly resonated with investors. This is evident from our successful fundraising efforts, which secured over $1 million in 2024, building upon our initial funding of $3 million. This financial milestone reflects the deep trust and confidence that prominent venture capitalists from the crypto and gaming industries have in our vision and strategy.

Our advisory board further bolsters our capabilities, featuring industry specialists such as Manfred Mantschev, former Head of Blockchain at Atari; Jesse Stein, the innovative Founder and CEO of EveryRealm, a gaming studio renowned for securing $60 million in funding; and Alfred Vesligaj, a seasoned expert in-game economy design with notable experience at Splinterlands and currently working at Seedify.

With this combination of expert guidance and financial backing, Pooky is well-positioned to deliver a game economy that is not only engaging and dynamic but also built to last.

Final Note

In conclusion, Pooky's native token represents a pivotal step towards creating a sustainable and engaging blockchain gaming experience. Through careful planning and strategic mechanisms, we aim to foster a thriving ecosystem where players are rewarded, and the token's value reflects the collective success of our community.

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Please note that the numbers used in this article are all subject to change.

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