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Roadmap of Pooky's Gameplay Evolution

April 2, 2024
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Roadmap of Pooky's Gameplay Evolution

Roadmap of Pooky's Gameplay Evolution

As we stand on the brink of a new era in the world of Pooky, a game that has captivated many of us with its unique blend of football predictions and gamification, we are excited to unveil the roadmap that will shape its evolution.

With close to 3 million predictions made and a dedicated community of players, Pooky has become more than just a game; it's a shared passion for football enthusiasts and gaming aficionados alike.

These updates will unfold gradually over the coming months, each milestone taking us forward in the world of football predictions! For an in-depth look at what's to come, follow the link to explore the updated gameplay details.

Let’s take a look at the timeline of what’s in store.

May 2024: Mobile App Release

Get ready for the release of Pooky's free-to-play mobile app, designed with a mobile-first approach to make your favourite football prediction game even more accessible and engaging.

  • Updated Gameplay : In addition to the current Pro Leagues, players will be able to start playing and testing out the new version of Pooky. Read all about Pooky’s updated gameplay here. Read more here.
  • Account Transition : The current Pro League will remain active until mid-August, in which we will transition players across. Read more here.

July 2024 (16/07): Pro League Transition Period

After the EURO 2024, from GW87, the Pro League rewards will step into a transition period that will last 5 weeks to help players prepare accordingly before the Pro Leagues moves to the mobile app and transition their account.

  • Token Transition: in GW87 MATIC rewards will be replaced by POK. This translates into a 66% increase in total POK rewards allowing players to accelerate their progress, getting an even better starting point on the updated Pro League.

August 2024: Updated Pro League Kick-Off

  • Pro League with $TPK: The “updated” Pro League will officially start on the mobile app, along with the introduction of $TPK.
  • Account Snapshot : A snapshot of all owned Pooky assets will be taken a few days before the launch, to ensure a fair transition for all players.
  • Asset Valuation: Players will see their asset portfolio valued at the end of the transition period. That value will be credited to the updated Pro League marketplace. Read more here.
  • End of transition Period: The transition period will come to an end as we take the snapshot, so prepare for an exciting shift in gameplay and rewards.

Q4 2024: $TPK Listing

Players familiar with our current whitepaper will know our tradable version of POK under the codename $TPK, it will be an evolved version of POK that will be tradable on third-party exchange platforms.

  • In-Game Currency : Pooky’s in-game $TPK will become tradable, and listed on 3rd party exchange platforms providing you with more ways to utilise your in-game earnings and further enriching the Pooky ecosystem.

Marketplace Discounts

Finally, to celebrate the launch of our mobile app, and an upcoming gameplay updates, enjoy a 20% discount on Pookyballs and Stickers on the marketplace.

  • This allows players to increase their collection and get a stronger starting point, once the updated Pro League is released later this year, in August.
  • As players will get a 1:1 value of assets, so that 20% discount will be returned in the new game back at 100% + progression.

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Your unwavering support fuels our journey, and we're excited to embark on this new chapter together.

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