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3 tips to become successful at football predictions

January 13, 2023
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3 tips to become successful at football predictions

Do you like placing predictions on Pooky? Do you dream of winning rewards by accurately predicting football matches on Pooky? If so, then this blog post is for you! In today’s article, we’ll share some tips on how to improve your football matches predictions on this new prediction game, so that you may climb to the top of the leaderboards and win amazing rewards (up to 1000€/week). So read on friend, and you might just become the best!

Gather and analyse data and statistics

statistics in sports

One of the key ways to become a pro at predicting the outcome of football matches on Pooky is to gather and analyse data and statistics. This includes looking at a team's past performance against similar opponents, their home and away records, and any injuries or suspensions that may impact their performance. By using data and statistics, you can get a better understanding of how a team is likely to perform in a particular match and make more informed predictions. Prediction games are often full of players that are experts in football and stats, we strongly suggest you up your game :-)

Keep up with the news

Another important tip is to keep up with the news and stay informed about any factors that may affect a team's performance. This includes following news about injuries, suspensions, and team morale. By staying up to date on the latest developments, you can get a better idea of how a team is likely to perform and make more accurate predictions. Make sure to follow Pooky on socials to get the latest news on football games & tips and tricks to play our game and earn money! We are producing content on Facebook, TikTok, Twitter and Discord.

Use your knowledge and intuition

While data and statistics are crucial for predicting the outcome of football matches, it's also important to use your knowledge and intuition. If you know the teams well and have a good understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, you can use this to make an educated guess as to which team is more likely to win. However, it's important to remember to always base your predictions on facts and not just your personal opinion. We know you’ve got what it takes! Follow your magic touch and dominate everyone in our new play and earn game, where you can win tons of rewards each week.

And at last.. A bonus tip!

Pookyballs go a long way in winning more points. Choose wisely!

One way to really set yourself apart and win lots of bonus points are the Pookyballs. By choosing your ball according to which team you’re placing a prediction on, you’ll be able to boost your points if correct! Some balls will give you an advantage in matches where a particular team plays, others will give you an edge for a Home/Away win… As you place predictions on Pooky, you’ll soon realise that choosing the right Pookyball will do wonders with your overall scores & your spot on the leaderboard! You see, GameFi is here, and it’s here to stay.

By following these tips, you’ll greatly improve your chances of becoming a pro at predicting the outcome of football matches on Pooky. So, don’t wait any longer and go place a prediction!

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