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Ascension: Your Path to a Mythic Pookyball

October 17, 2023
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Ascension: Your Path to a Mythic Pookyball

The eagerly anticipated Ascension has finally arrived… With this game-changer feature, you can now take your Pookyballs to levels never before reached. It's been a much-anticipated subject that we couldn't unveil soon enough, and the moment has finally arrived!

What is Ascension?

Ascension is a new feature that allows players to combine two Pookyballs of the same rarity to craft a single Pookyball of a higher rarity, meaning more prediction power!

This is a key progression mechanism that will allow players to shape their collection uniquely and progress towards higher rarities, even when coming in on the ground floor, with Common Pookyballs!

With the right collection, your Common Pookyballs could one day be a Legendary or even a Mythic Pookyball - ultimately, that can mean bigger rewards every week!

How will ascension change the game?

Ascension will have a number of positive impacts on the game, including:

  • Increased competition: Create more powerful Pookyballs, which will lead to increased competition on leaderboards!
  • More strategic gameplay: Carefully consider which Pookyballs to ascend, and how to allocate their resources. This will add a new layer of strategy to the game.
  • Increased rewards: Ascension will unlock even more boosts for players, and therefore a shot at more points and more rewards each Gameweek.

How to ascend a Pookyball?

To ascend a Pookyball, you will need to have two max levels Pookyballs of the same rarity. You can then select one Pookyball to be the "ascending ball" and the other Pookyball to be the "secondary ball."

Both Pookyballs will be combined (essentially burning them out of existence) to create the ascended Pookyball, now with a higher rarity, plus ascension bonuses!

What happens to my prediction boosts?

The club and league of the “ascending ball” are transferred to the ascended ball. For those ascending a Genesis Pookyball, this will also transfer to the new Pookyball.

When ascending a Pookyball, players can choose to either retain or reroll the Pookyball attributes.

All balls that have a Token ID 10,000 or below will also see their seasonal boost reset on the ascension date.

Benefits of ascending a Pookyball

Ascending a Pookyball has a number of benefits and considerations:

  • Increased prestige: Ascended Pookyballs have higher prestige than their non-ascended counterparts. This gives players access to exclusive rewards and features.
  • Seasonal boost: Ascended Pookyballs retain their seasonal boost, even after being ascended. This means that players can continue to earn bonus points for using ascended Pookyballs during matches.

What else do you to need to know ?

Should I retain or Reroll Attributes ?

If a player chooses to retain the Pookyball attributes, the ascended Pookyball will spend 25% of its starting attribute points in the highest attribute of the ascending Pookyball. The remaining 75% of the attribute points will be randomly spread into the other attributes.

If a player chooses to reroll the Pookyball attributes, the ascended Pookyball will randomly spread its attributes.

Which option should you choose?

The best option for you will depend on your playstyle and the type of Pookyball you are ascending.

If you are looking for a change, or if you are not happy with the way your Pookyball is performing, you may want to choose the reroll option. This could give your Pookyball a new lease on life and help it to perform better in the game.

What happens to the Pookyball Skins?

When Ascending your Pookyballs, Players will be given the choice to keep either pattern, with the rarity metal added on top; or they can opt to get a completely new visual, randomly generated, for their Pookyball.

What happens with my predictions?

Any live predictions by the ascending Pookyballs will be lost. Make sure you update your predictions before ascending.

How much does it cost to ascend Pookyball?

The cost of ascension will vary depending on the rarity of the Pookyballs being ascended. For example, it will cost more to ascend two Legendary Pookyballs than to ascend two Common Pookyballs. More up-to-date info can be found on our whitepaper here.

However, there is a way to ascend for free! There are two instances where this will apply.

First, those who own 2 Pookyballs with the same Club and League can Ascend for free, providing they are both levelled up to the max.

The other way is for those owning the prestigious Genesis Pookyballs. Only 1,000 were minted back in March that hold the Genesis label, and you can merge two for free, regardless of the club and league. The ascended Pookyball will remain considered as a Genesis, and it will retain the International boost and the Club Nation boost too.


Ascension is a feature that will have a significant impact on the Pooky game, no matter the rarities you own. It will make the game more competitive, strategic, and rewarding for players of all levels.

For those wondering about Stickers Ascension… stay tuned!

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