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Introducing Gameweeks: Improved Schedule & Prize Pools

July 18, 2023
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Introducing Gameweeks: Improved Schedule & Prize Pools

Pooky has happy to introduce the concept of Gameweeks. This update will enhance the fairness and transparency of our rewards distribution while making it much easier for players to navigate and place predictions. Let's dive right in!

Game week Prize Pool & Schedule

Firstly, we will be moving away from pre-defined prize pools per matchday, and move to a weekly prize pool system, that will distribute rewards amongst active Matchdays during a given Game week!

Streamline Process

We've developed a weekly schedule that encompasses all matchdays from Tuesday 00:00 CEST to the following Monday 23:59 CEST. The rewards for the week are to be allocated through a weekly prize pool, here are the key takeaways:

  • Launch : Wednesday July 19th, 2023
  • MATIC: The initial prize pool is approx. 4,000 MATIC
  • POK: The initial Pool is approx. 210k POK
  • Prize pools increase every week based on the amount of Pookyballs sold.
  • Any Matchday concluding within a calendar Gameweek (regardless of start date) is part of that Gameweek.
  • Rewards are distributed once all matchdays within said Gameweek have concluded.

To ensure an equitable distribution of rewards we've put in place a thorough splitting mechanism.

The prize pool for a matchday is determined by the amount of prestige it has. What this means is that the more players that predict on a matchday, especially with higher rarity Pookyballs, the more of the prize pool there is up for grabs. It's a bit of a wildcard element in the hunt for rewards, but it keeps things exciting!

Will you play for the lower prize pools, with less competition? Or are you a kind of “go big, or go home“ type of player? 🤔

(Pookyball) Prestige is the calculated quality of a digital collectible Pookyball. The higher the Prestige, the scarcer (and hence, valuable) the Pookyball. Levels & stickers impact Prestige. Read more here.

Here's how it works:

  • Matchday Prize Pools: For every matchday, there is a separate Prize Pool, which starts with a minimum of 50 MATIC (and an equivalent % amount in POK).
  • Allocation Formula: The prize pool is divided among the matchdays included in the Game week on the basis of the following:
  • Each matchday initially receives 50 MATIC.
  • The prestige value of each prediction made is added to the respective Matchday's prestige level.
  • The Matchday prestige value is the sum of all prediction prestige values for that matchday.

Let's Break it Down

To provide a clearer picture, let's use an example of what this may look like in a single Gameweek with 4 matchdays all concluding that week and a weekly prize pool of 4,000 MATIC.

Important to note, all MD’s conclude un Sunday besides that one Premier League game that takes place on Monday evening between Newcastle & Liverpool.

Below the respective prestige values of each MD:

  • Premier League MD has a prestige of 2000 (40%)
  • Ligue 1 MD has a prestige of 1600 (32%)
  • LaLiga MD has a prestige of 900 (18%)
  • MLS MD has a prestige of 500 (10%)
  • Total prestige (sum of the above) is 5,000

How it folds out,

Every MD gets a minimum of 50 MATIC (4 x 50 = 200 MATIC) and the remaining 3800 MATIC will be distributed according to prestige of each matchday.

  • Premier League : 50 + 3800*40% = 1570 MATIC
  • Ligue1 : 50 + 3800*32% = 1266 MATIC
  • LaLiga : 50 + 3800*18% = 734 MATIC
  • MLS : 50 + 3800*10% = 430 MATIC

Rewards of all Matchdays are distributed after the Newcastle vs Liverpool game Monday evening.

Claiming Rewards

Each Matchday will distribute its rewards based on the prize pool formula at the close of that given Game week. For more specific details, you can explore our approximate simulator, which takes into account the Matchday Pool and the number of players. These changes are designed to make our prize pool system fairer and more transparent.

We can't wait for you to experience the updated prize pool system first-hand. So, get ready to level up your strategy and take more risks for even bigger rewards. For more details, check out the link to our whitepaper here.

Good luck in the Pooky arena!

Please note: There will be no changes to the way the Basic League (free mode) for now, this only impacts the Pro Leagues.

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