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How to make your WorldCup more entertaining with Pooky

November 7, 2022
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How to make your WorldCup more entertaining with Pooky

Neither Germany nor Brazil had lost a game as they went into the 2014 semi-final at the Estádio Mineirão in Belo Horizonte. Brazil were the hosts, Germany were Germany and scored 4 goals in one 6-minute period. They were leading 5–0 after 29 minutes. By full time, they had inflicted pain and embarrassed an injured Neymar and friends. Brazil took years to recover.

World Cups are often predictable. The big teams win and the smaller teams make up the numbers. If they reach a quarter final wild jubilation erupts back home. But sometimes the world cup is unpredictable. Germany blowing Brazil away 7–1 in the 2014 semifinals is the most dramatic. But there was also South Africa’s 2–1 victory over France in 2010, South Korea’s 2–1 victory over Italy. I’m sure you can think of more.

If you’d had Pooky for previous World Cups, would you have predicted these results? Would you have been able to profit from your passion and beat your friends? If you think you got what it takes, this is your year. Let’s look at how Pooky can make the next World Cup more entertaining.

It’s November. The World Cup is in full flow. You’re with a group of friends watching Serbia against Switzerland. You have a cold beverage, food and a huge screen. It’s the warm-up for what’s to come later: Spain against Germany: two heavyweights battling in the group of death.

Emotions are high, everyone is having fun. You and your friends add an extra layer of entertainment and use Pooky to place predictions on the match. Who will win? Will it be a high-scoring game or a no-score draw? Perhaps there will be late controversy and Switzerland win with a penalty. If the match is brilliant, you win because you get to watch an entertaining game of football. If your prediction is correct but the game is boring, you win because winning a prediction is a thrill, and you get rewarded.

With Pooky you can use your footballing knowledge to compete against your friends, create your own tournaments and leaderboards. You’ll have something to win, but nothing to risk. You’ll have the excitement of predicting without the fear of losing your investment.

You can do this for every game. Iran v USA may have political overtones, but the game on the pitch might not be the white hot scandal we hope. Use Pooky to make some predictions and add an extra layer of excitement to the game. Ecuador against Qatar? 44th in the world versus 48th? Fireworks and silky skills aren’t guaranteed. So add the excitement with Pooky. Portugal V Uruguay, Belgium V Croatia. Whether your favourite team is playing or not. Whether it’s a goal fest or a bore-draw, with Pooky it will always be entertaining.

More footballing fun in the workplace

Does your workplace organise a football sweepstakes during the World Cup? Mine does, and I usually pick Azerbaijan and Fiji and my boss gets Argentina and France. Whichever team I pick, the sweepstakes make the tournament more exciting. And more social. People who don’t usually enjoy football become fans, swept up in the excitement and the results. And when the knockout rounds come, they’re upset they can’t watch three games of football every day instead of working.

Pooky adds the same entertainment.

How does Pooky work?

It works a bit like Fantasy Football, but you predict on a team not players. You can choose a home win, an away win or a draw. You can predict a low scoring game or a high scoring game. You can use Pookyballs to boost your predictions based on pre-set attributes programmed into the digital collectible — Country, Prestige, Pressure, Energy of your ball. There are also Variable Attributes that multiply specific parts of a prediction (Home, Draw, Away, Exact Score, Offensive, Defensive).


Whichever team ends up winning the World Cup (editor — England?) you can be sure the road will be one of intrigue, close calls, drama and celebration. Goals will be ruled offside, penalties scored and missed and unlikely players will score wonder goals from 50 yards. There will be unquestionable skill and ridiculous tackles. There will be heartache and misery for some, redemption and resolution for others. Fans from across the world will laugh together and share in the moment.

The World Cup transcends the sport. It’s the pinnacle of the beautiful game. And you can make it even more exciting and entertaining with Pooky.


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