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In-game update : Rivals

May 17, 2023
minute read
In-game update : Rivals

Introducing our latest in-game update: Rivals!

Our team has been busy behind the scenes creating some pretty cool updates to how Pooky will work, and better yet - pave the way for even more features in the future 🧑🚀

There are 4 core updates:

⚔️ Add Rivals - You can now add Rivals, allowing you to follow them, and see how they are getting on during a matchday, in comparison to your own performance.

📊 Performance stats - Yup! That’s right, you can now see stats such as Total Predictions, % of correct scores in each main category, plus you can even see what Pookyballs they own ⚽

📃 Rivals Leaderboard - If your Rivals are competing in the same leagues as you, you can switch the leaderboard view to “Rivals”, meaning you get a concise list of everyone you follow as a Rival. This is a great way to see exactly how friends (and foes) are getting on, compared to you!

🔎 Search usernames - You can now search on leaderboards or head to your Rivals and add players by searching their usernames. Anyone can add you as a Rival, it will populate their “Following tab”.

So, in a nutshell, you can now view players' profiles, see their performance stats, search for Rivals on Leaderboards, and see their league position on matchdays you are also competing for!

This is just a small step, and there are loads more features to come from this. If you have any great ideas that you’d like to see on Pooky, join us over on Discord and make some suggestions on this or any ideas you may have!

Now, why not head to Pooky and get peaking at your Rivals’ performance stats and adding a few fierce Rivals to the list. I know I will 😉

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