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It’s kick-off for Pooky, the world’s first predict-to-earn NFT / digital collectible game

November 7, 2022
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It’s kick-off for Pooky, the world’s first predict-to-earn NFT / digital collectible game

Welcome to Pooky, the football results prediction game built on the Polygon blockchain. With €3 million in pre-seed-funding and The Pooky Genesis Collection ready to launch for the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, it’s nearly time for kick-off.

How does Pooky work?

Players use digital collectible Pookballs to predict the exact score of football matches from the world’s biggest leagues and tournaments (Premier League, LaLiga, Ligue 1, Bundesliga, Serie A). Players that predict correctly win PXP (Pooky Experience Points), battle for position on the Pooky leaderboards and are rewarded with Pooky’s in-game currency $POK.

“Fans of the beautiful game are rewarded for their passion, strategy and prediction skills.”

There is a new bookie in town

Pooky exists because online sports betting is outdated and flawed. We know because we speak from experience.

Pooky founders Stefano and Claudio won over €1 million from sports betting. Yes, you read that correctly: €1 million.

It was an exciting and challenging journey (we know you want to hear more about their incredible run, and you will.) They used hard work, skill and their passion for sport to overcome the odds. It sounds like a Hollywood story, and it was. Unfortunately, the success was short-lived. Stefano and Claudio were excluded from making predictions by the operators.

The reason given for being blocked was “excessive betting leading to addiction”. Although not true, this didn’t prevent the biggest platforms in the world following suit. Soon Stefano and Claudio were unable to predict the results of their favourite sports anywhere.

And that motivated them to build a better platform. A platform that would give predictors and fans ownership of their decisions and earnings. A platform that would free players from the gatekeepers of web2 and take them to a safer, more engaging and community-based prediction game.

Why sports betting needs Pooky

Pooky aims to push players towards a healthier alternative to traditional sports betting while solving today’s dilemma for prediction fans: the choice between ‘high risk, high rewards’ on traditional web2 betting platforms, and ‘no risk, no rewards on social media platforms or between friends.

Pooky is different: Although the value of an NFT Pookballs can fluctuate, when making predictions players ‘risk nothing and always win something.’

Grassroots prediction is fun

By going back to the roots of sports prediction - challenging friends and showing off your knowledge of the beautiful game - Pooky will encourage social interaction and fun whilst creating communities, both on and off the platform.

From Paris to Guingamp, Chelsea to Shrewsbury Town, Madrid to Valladolid, Milan to Monza and Munich to Rostock, Pooky players will experience the excitement of sports prediction and be part of a leading web3 football fanbase.

Pooky is created by football fans, for football fans. Forever.

“Pooky is different: players risk nothing and always win something.”

About Team Pooky

Pooky was founded by brothers Stefano and Claudio, two football-mad sports predictors who wanted to build a healthier, more entertaining platform that rewards sports fans for their knowledge and passion.

The belief and mission was so strong, they needed a team. A world beating team. They onboarded 11 talented players, each with exceptional experience in early stage startups, sport, gaming, blockchain technology and growth strategy.

Stay tuned for the next article to meet the team (and hear more about Stefano and Claudio’s sports betting journey).


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