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Play The Pooky World Cup - Top The Leaderboards

November 15, 2022
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Play The Pooky World Cup - Top The Leaderboards

We’ve launched Pooky to coincide with the World Cup in Qatar, and between us, we couldn’t be more excited. 

There are 64 matches that you can predict against, compete for a spot across 17 leaderboards and battle to win prizes such as PlayStations, MATIC tokens, Pookyball collectibles, SWAG and more. 

To get get you up to speed, here’s the full breakdown of what you can win, and how to win it. So, let’s start with Rookyballs and what they mean to the game.

Intro to Basic Pookyballs

Every player that signs up now to participate in the free-to-play Pooky World Cup will receive their very own Basic Pookyballs. Each player receives two free Pookyballs. The concept is simple, Pookyballs can earn you more points, and more points means more chances of getting your hands on the prizes. More on shortly.


Bonus Points with Pookyballs

Every Rookyball has 6 prediction attribute boosts: Home, Draw, Away, Under 2.5, Above 2.5 and Exact Score. Let’s say you have a Pookyball that gives you +10% bonus for a HOME win. You predict correctly, and win 50 points, then add the extra 5 points from the +10% bonus.

Choosing the right Rookyball for each game will make up your Pooky strategy and vital to earning maximum points. Choose wisely, as your Pookyball could be the difference between first and second place on the leaderboard... and landing those top prizes.

All prediction points won are then converted to Pooky Experience Points (PXP). You use PXP to upgrade your Pookyball. That 10% bonus you had on a HOME win? You can use your PXP to increase that to 12 or 15% on future predictions. Again, all part of your strategy.

Making Your predictions

The fun starts with making predictions on the first round of matches. That’s Qatar vs Ecuador, England vs Iran, USA vs Wales and Senegal vs Netherlands. Once you’re happy with your predictions, Pooky’s sophisticated scoring system takes over. The more precise your predictions, the more points you win - but even predicting the correct winner will still bag you some points.

Channel your inner football force, be a prediction wizard and you can rank at the top of Leaderboard 1.

But, remember! The competition is going to be fierce. Ultimately, there can only be one winner on each leaderboard. 

The leaderboards

There are 17 Pooky leaderboards. You can compete in as many as you wish. We recommend playing all 17 to make the most of the prize pool. You are not required to opt-in. Making predictions will automatically rank you on that matchday leaderboard.

Matchday Leaderboards

There are 16 matchday leaderboards - with 4 games on each matchday. 

  • 12 daily leaderboards during the group phase 
  • 2 leaderboards for the last 16 
  • 1 leaderboard for the quarter finals 
  • 1 leaderboard for the semi-finals, 3rd place play-off and the final 


Knockout leaderboards

The final leaderboard (17) comes with bigger prizes, and is a cumulative leaderboard of all points won during the knockout phases. Results for this leaderboard will be released during week of December 19-23.

So, if you really want to rack up some points, you can look as the group stages as a warm up for the big finale, whilst still bagging prizes each matchday.

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