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Pooky Updates : January 2024

January 25, 2024
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Pooky Updates : January 2024

🌟 Sneak Peek: Pooky's Evolution Unveiled! 🌟

Hello Pooky Community!

Exciting times are ahead, as we peek the lid on the next chapter of Pooky's journey. Your feedback, has been crucial to getting us here, so here's a quick rundown.

📲 Mobile First

Pooky is going mobile! Acknowledging that 80% of users engage with Pooky via mobile, building a mobile application is a priority. This will allow us to tap into the masses on iOS and Android app stores for new growth levels.

🛜 Seamless Web3 Player Experience

Simplifying the gaming experience by minimizing on-chain elements and making Pooky accessible to all without confusing jargon. Rest assured, Pooky will keep web3 technology at its heart but this can’t come at the cost of user experience. We already tested this successfully removing basic transaction fees for players using Sequence Wallet.

Energy Equity

Developing a fair system to bridge the gap between predicting one league and two. Addressing challenges with a mobile app, ensuring accessibility for all levels of players without disrupting the game balance.

🎮 Gameplay Mechanics

Redefining game mechanics to reward skill and knowledge. Focusing on enjoyable gameplay where strategic decisions enhance competition, keeping raw prediction skills at the core. To give some context, one particular feature we are looking at is consumables.

This is just us skimming the surface of what's to come, but we wanted to share a little teaser as we know we've been a little on the quiet side lately.

2 more things…

🚀 Seasonal Boost Update

Following player feedback and many open debates from our community, we have decided that seasonal boost goes against the progression made by players, and therefore have decided to scrap this element of the design. We can review this topic again in the future.

🥳 Fundraise

Exciting news on the horizon – Pooky just nailed down its fundraise, and we're thrilled to welcome new strategic investors into the mix! It's truly heartening to witness investors placing their trust in both our vision and the milestones we've achieved so far. Details are still under wraps, but we promise to spill the beans later this year.

Stay tuned for more details - coming soon! 🌟

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