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Pooky updates : September 2023

September 1, 2023
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Pooky updates : September 2023

We’re excited to share some of our latest updates coming to Pooky, which will not only improve your gaming experience but also bring more levels of strategy to how you play.

These updates include the long-awaited game-changing feature, Ascension, as well as Pookyball re-spec (a do-over on allocating your earned prediction attributes), PXP changes, new Energy spending rules for those that tinker, improved Leaderboard rewards distribution, and an automated tracking referral system.

Let’s dive in!



This highly awaited feature will change the way you look at your Pookyball collection. With a September target for release, players will be able to merge 2 max-level Pookyballs of the same rarity into a single higher-rarity Pookyball. Got 2 Commons at Level 40? Well merge them together and get a Rare Pookyball.

We highly recommend players read our whitepaper to get all the details on how Pookyball stats transfer when ascending as well as related costs. Read more here.

Important information: The first 10k Pookyballs will see their Season Boost refreshed when ascended. Currently, only 5,816 Pookyballs have been released.


With Ascension coming into play, players will need more PXP than ever to accelerate the evolution of their Pookyballs. Available in our marketplace by end of September, these boosters will give a player 25% more PXP for the next 25 predictions on a rarity. This will affect all Pookyballs of that rarity in his collection. Boosters can even be stacked to get even more PXP.


Whilst a player’s journey on Pooky evolves, they might be tempted to go in a different direction or simply get more Pookyballs in their collection, that they want to specialise differently. For all those reasons and many more, players will be allowed to re-spec the attributes of their Pookyballs.

Once reset, the Pookyball will be back to its initial prediction attribute values it was randomly allocated, and the player can then re-allocate the earned attributes however they see fit.

Re-spec pricing will confirmed at release, but is based on a multiplier of the Pookyball’s prestige. There will be no limit on the number of re-specs per Pookyball, this will come down to needs, strategy, and good planning. Release by end-of-September.


Claiming PXP rewards for Pookyballs will soon not require a wallet transaction. We tested this successfully with Pooky Stickers and will now roll this out to Pookyballs to improve the gaming experience. Expect this to roll-out by mid-end September.

A transaction on your wallet will still be required to level up a Pookyball though, as this will be making actual changes to the DNA of your digital collectibles.



For those not in the know, you have a unique referral link found in your profile that you can share with friends and family. If they go on to purchase Pookyballs or Stickers, you start earning a revenue share.

From now on (it’s already live to check out), referrals are fully automated. This means that players can track their performance and earnings within the app. We’re also adapting our offer, moving towards a revenue share system.

Whenever a player registers through a referral link, 5% of every Pookyball or Sticker Packs purchased on Pooky’s marketplace will go back to both the player (referrer). Their friend (referee) will get a 5% discount on his first purchase.

If a player refers 5 friends, then their personal revenue share will increase to a whopping 10% (opt-in required).

Reminder, a referral is someone who signed up through a player’s referral link and purchased a Pookyball and/or Stickers from the Pooky marketplace.



Pooky encourages skill and decision-making. That’s why, and as of September 4th, the game will be charging 2 energy to update a prediction.

This means that players will need to be more thoughtful about their predictions, and they will be less likely to make unnecessary changes. This will help to create a more skill-based environment and reward players who are able to make accurate predictions.

The update also allows players to re-confirm a prediction without changing the score or Pookyball. This is beneficial in instances where the odds dramatically change, such as if a player is injured or a team makes a major line-up change.

This will allow players to use the latest info the try and squeeze more points if they believe the energy cost outweighs the benefits.


At Pooky, the top 50% of players are rewarded. We want to make sure that all players are fairly rewarded, so we balance the rewards per rarity on average.

After 4 months, we realized that some of the reward tiers were unbalanced. We have made some small adjustments to the reward tier segments to address this.

The segments work as follows:

  • The best-ranked segments (1-9) contain fewer players, meaning they all get a bigger share of the segment rewards.
  • The first 9 Segments account for the top 50% of players who win MATIC and POK (proportional to their ranking).
  • The 10th Segment is the bottom 50% of ranked players, who win POK.

As you can see, this modification will ensure a more evenly distributed weekly reward pool.

For a better understanding and to get into the numbers, head to the whitepaper here.

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