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Unleash the Power of Stickers

August 24, 2023
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Unleash the Power of Stickers

Customize. Boost. Dominate!

Are you ready to take your Pooky gaming to a whole new level? Get ready to dive into the world of Stickers, the ultimate upgrade system for your Pookyballs!

These digital collectible NFTs will revolutionize the way you play and customize your Pookyball collection. Get ready to create a winning strategy that's uniquely tailored to your style (and gut instincts)! Love predicting home wins, and over 2.5… then you best get hunting for the perfect Sticker combos!

What are Stickers?

Stickers are game-changing enhancements that will supercharge your Pookyballs and enhance your gameplay strategy. These exclusive digital collectibles can be attached to your Pookyballs, improving their potential and boosting their power level like never before!

Essentially, once you get your first pack of Stickers, you will be able to attach them to your Pookyballs in their all-new Sticker slots. Depending on the rarity, and the level of the Pookyball, will affect the amount of slots you have available.

How to Get Your Hands on Stickers?

Excited to get your first pack of Stickers? You're in luck! A limited quantity of Sticker Packs will be available on the Marketplace every Thursday, with the launch on Thursday 24th August 2023, with just 200 packs up for grabs!

There are 4 sticker packs available.

  • Start Pack: 2 Common Stickers
  • Standard Pack: 1 Rare & 3 Common Stickers
  • Booster Pack: 1 Epic, 1 Rare & 8 Common Stickers
  • Mega Pack: 1 Legendary, 1 Epic, 3 Rares & 15 Common Stickers

But that's not all! In a later update that will see Crafting introduced, Stickers will primarily be obtained through Crafting, opening up a whole new world of generating and trading opportunities for players! Meaning, that these Sticker packs won’t be available indefinitely, and make supercharging your Pookyballs quicker and easier! So don’t miss out.

Unlock the Power of Sticker Slots

Every Pookyball comes with its own set of Sticker Slots, giving you the freedom to customize and amplify its abilities. The higher the rarity of your Pookyball, the more Sticker Slots it will have.

Whether you have a Common Pookyball with 4 sticker slots or a legendary one with a whopping 12, chose how you fill them wisely. Once slotted, there are no take-backs (for now).

Discover a World of Sticker Types

We are launching with a strong variety of Sticker types to hunt out in the released sticker packs! Each Sticker type adds a unique boost to your gameplay, allowing you to maximize your performance.

Let's take a sneak peek at some of the Sticker types you'll might pull from a pack:

  • Club Stickers: Boost points when your favorite club plays.
  • Nation Stickers: Earn extra points based on your national team's performance.
  • League Stickers: Amplify points for predictions in specific leagues.
  • Attribute Stickers: Fine-tune predictions by boosting specific attributes.
  • And more!

Power-up your stickers

Like Pookyballs, you can level-up your stickers and make them more powerful as you progress through the game. Stickers will earn their PXP and require POK to upgrade them.

An upcoming update will allow player to fusion stickers into more powerfull ones. That's right, transforming a Common sticker in a Rare one and so forth. It's going to be the next big update of Pooky the team works on. It also includes Pookyballs. More detailed info in our whitepaper.

Unleash Your Strategic Power

The excitement doesn't stop there! You have the freedom to use multiple Sticker types on a single Pookyball. Imagine a Pookyball adorned with stickers representing your favorite clubs, leagues, and results-led boosts. You will be unstoppable!

However, beware, if you have the same sticker, and decide to add them on the same ball only one booster will count but both stickers will earn PXP to allow them to level up. When you ascend a sticker (upcoming update), the sticker will automatically detach itself from your Pookyball.

Each sticker brings its own unique bonus, so choose wisely and go all out to maximize your points!

Last but not least, an upcoming update will allow players to detach stickers manually from their ball. In this first update, the only way to replace a sticker will be by over-riding it which means you'll lose your previous sticker. You better make it count when attaching a sticker.

How does it actually work?

The image above shows a game between Chelsea & Luton where the players believes the away team will be strong enough to contain Chelsea attackers ending in a goal-less draw. If the player is right he will get points from DRAW, UNDER 2.5 & EXACT score. However if the final results ends-up being 1-1 the player will earn points from DRAW & UNDER but not from Exact Score.

This player has attached 4 stickers to the Pookyball he used for this prediction.

In a scenario where the game final score ends up being 1-1. From left to right,

  • 1-1 Exact Score: Overall earned boosted points get an additional 27.14% boost.
  • English League: Additional 10.14% boost is it's a league game.
  • Luton Club: Luton is playing. 10% boost added on top of the Chelsea 20% boost.
  • Home Win: A draw was predicted. Boost isn't applied.

Get Ready for Sticker Mania!

With Stickers set to launch alongside Pookyballs, the time has come to level up your game and embrace the limitless possibilities they offer.

From customization to strategy, Stickers will transform your Pookyball collection into a force to be reckoned with. Don't miss out on the Sticker craze! Join us on this thrilling adventure and prepare to dominate the Pookyball universe like never before!

(Please note that all information provided is subject to change based on player feedback and the evolving world of Pookyball.)

To keep up with developments, our Whitepaper is the first place to receive updates: read more here.

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