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Weekly Pooky Raffle Challenge

May 24, 2023
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Weekly Pooky Raffle Challenge

Here it is - we launched our Zealy Quest Board challenges in May and there's been some great battling over being at the top of the table - which we absolutely love to see 👊

As we previously announced, completing challenges will earn you XP on our Quest Board and allow you to participate in our weekly raffles. Awesome prizes to win, from Pookyballs to football jerseys, we got it all.

Got to be in it, to win it 🔥

To kick things off, the first prize will be a RARE Pookyball featuring a Summer League and Club - that’s a value of 80 MATIC! Meaning you can get a serious boost in our Summer leagues - but which league and club will you unlock? We're also adding 2 Common Summer League Pookyballs as 2nd and 3rd prize. Exciting times 🔮

So, how does the raffle work and what are my chances?

Well, this is designed to reward you guys for being part of our community, whilst also helping you get more out of being part of our Pooky world!

So, to break things down, raffles will be held on weekly basis on our Discord Server. To be eligible you need to get to level 3 or beyond. Each new level will increase your chances at winning one of our weekly prices.

👉 Level 3 → 10 - At level 3, unlock a permanent ticket to every raffle. For every extra level on Zealy you’ll increase your chances to win.

👉 Level 11 -> Level 18 - Those that reach the heights that only legends know will secure themselves access to higher tier raffles. A minimum of 50 players are required to unlock this raffles tier.

When is the first Raffle?

To kick things, our first raffle will take place on Monday May 29th till Sunday June 4th, 2023. Players that participate will get a chance to win a brand new Rare Summer League Pookyball or 1 Common Pookyball.

Raffles take place from Monday to Sunday.

Get more details on our Discord server.

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