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Welcome to the Pooky Summer Leagues

May 26, 2023
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Welcome to the Pooky Summer Leagues

After a successful launch across the European competitions, we are now transitioning over to the Summer Leagues which will consist of 4 very exciting leagues;  USA, Brazilian, Argentinian, and Japanese League. The Big 5 leagues will be back, but whilst they take their end-of-season break, let’s jump into how things will look on Pooky over the summer.

Which Leagues are launching?

Following community feedback, we are introducing these four very exciting leagues. Starting June 1st, you will be able to predict the new leagues, starting with the MLS (US/Canada), shortly followed by the Brasileiro (Brazil), Primera Division (Argentina), and the J1 League (Japan). These leagues are permanent, which means that they will remain active when European football comes back.

Each league will have the following set up each matchday.

MLS / Major League Soccer (USA)

Due to the differing league system and higher numbers of teams, matchdays will not follow the official format of Western and Eastern leagues. Given the league covers 29 teams, Pooky will group 10 games into a single matchday, based on the chronological order of fixtures. This will allow all Pookyball owners the ability to predict a full matchday.

League Facts for the current season:

  • Over 51% of games in the current season have ended with over 2.5 goals scored
  • The most frequent score lines are 1-1 (12%), 2-1 (12%), and 1-0 (11%)
  • Almost 60% of goals come in the 2nd half, with the most in the final 15 minutes!

Brasileiro Serie A (Brazil)

Brazil will follow the official schedule, with each matchday compromising of 10 fixtures covering 20 teams.

First matchdays are due to be available in Pooky from June 3rd.

League Facts for the current season:

  • A whopping 16% of games finish 2-1, with the next most frequent being 1-1 at 13% and 2-0 at 11%!
  • There is currently an average of 2.73 goals per match
  • 54% of games have seen both teams score

Primera Division (Argentina)

Argentinian League will also follow the official schedule. Each matchday will consist of 14 fixtures covering 28 teams. So those with 140 energy or more will be able to predict on a full matchday.

First matchdays are due to be available on Pooky from June 9th, or sooner.

League Facts for the current season:

  • So far, 75% of matches have included a clean sheet!
  • The most frequent score is 1-0, with 17% of matches ending that way, and then the next most frequent scorelines are 0-0 (14%) and 1-1 (11%)
  • Just 2.11 goals per game are being averaged, meaning an Under 2.5 strategy could be strong here?!

J1 League (Japan)

Japanese League will follow the official schedule. Each matchday will consist of 9 fixtures covering 18 teams.

First matchdays are available on Pooky from June 9th, or sooner.

League Facts for the current season:

  • 12% of games this season have ended 2-1, with 11% ending 1-0 and a further 10% ending as a 1-1 draw!
  • 52% have gone over 2.5, with 2-1 being the more frequent scoreline
  • There have also been clean sheets of 52% of games so far.

What will the Prize Pools be?

Each league will come with a prize pool of 660 MATIC per league, every single matchday! Plus, a whopping 32,000+ POK too, which is used to level up your Pookyballs, improving your Prestige, Energy levels, and also allowing you to improve you boost attributes.

Pro Tip: Prize pools of every league are currently fixed at 660 MATIC. Prize Pools will start to increase for each Pookyball sold as soon as we cross the barrier of 4500 Pookyballs sold (at the current pricing of 25 MATIC per Common).

Can I use my existing Pookyballs?

In short, yes! Even with a top 5 European league and club Pookyball, you can get predicting in the new leagues and start competing for those Prize Pools.

Those wanting to acquire a Pookyball with a new club can grab one from our weekly Summer League sale, starting from May 30th. All Pookyballs minted will unlock leagues & clubs of the active leagues, in this case, the new Summer Leagues - will someone unlock a USA League/ Inter Miami in the first mint?

We will also be introducing a new feature “Stickers” very soon, which will allow players to mint and attach new clubs to their Pookyballs, depending on which league you unlock!

Can I get a Summer League Pookyball?

Yes, you can! From May 31st at 3pm CEST, the first Summer League mint will begin where Pookyballs will come with any of the 4 Summer Leagues and their respective clubs!

This will mean all new Pookyballs will get a 10% Booster in the given league to the Pookyball owner, giving them a slight edge, and helping them grab a higher position in the leaderboard, and ultimately win more rewards. Plus, that all-important club booster of 20% - land a good result on that prediction and you are rocketing up the leaderboard 🚀

Owners of Pookyballs Common and above will be able to predict the scores in an attempt to climb the leaderboard and beat other players to the prize pool.

If you haven’t signed up yet, it’s completely free to get started in our Basic League or jump straight in by picking up a tradable Pookyball from our Marketplace (Limited weekly availability)

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