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Ascend Your Stickers to Greatness: Stickers Ascension Guide

November 15, 2023
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Ascend Your Stickers to Greatness: Stickers Ascension Guide

The wait is over! You loved Pookyball Ascension, the game-changing feature that enhanced your football predictions. Now, get ready to explore a new dimension of excitement with Stickers Ascension. This innovative feature adds a fresh layer of strategy and fun to your gaming experience. Learn how to use Stickers Ascension to boost your chances of winning cash prizes and in-game rewards.

Ascending Stickers: The Basics

Stickers Ascension allows players to ascend their stickers to higher rarities, and activate higher boosts in the process allowing you to be even more competitive on the leaderboards.

To embark on this thrilling journey, there are three methods you can choose from:

1. Merge 2 Identical Max Level Stickers

Result: A sticker of higher rarity with the same origin story.

2. Merge 1 Max Level Sticker + Any 5 Stickers of Any Level

Result: A higher rarity sticker, with the same nature as the max level sticker used.

3. Merge Any 3 Max Level Stickers

Result: A higher rarity sticker, with a nature selected from the 3 spent stickers.

Importantly, all stickers used in the ascension process must be of the same rarity. This ensures a seamless transition to your upgraded sticker.

Ascension Cost: What's the Deal?

For the time being, Stickers Ascension doesn't come with an ascension cost in MATIC or in-game currency. So, you can explore and experiment with different combinations without worrying about emptying your virtual pockets.

Season Boost: Mint Date Magic

One of the fascinating aspects of Stickers Ascension is that the Mint Date of the ascending sticker is preserved. This feature ensures that your sticker retains its historical significance and adds a unique touch to your collection.

Prestige: The Grand Ascension Bonus

Prestige plays a significant role in the world of Pooky and Ascension. The more prestige your account has, the more energy you get on weekly basis and thus more games you can predict on. Ascending stickers will increase the prestige you get from them but it varies based on the method used:

Method 1 - Merge 2 Max Level Identical Stickers

  • Rare Ascended : +10% Prestige
  • Epic Ascended : Between 10% and 30% Prestige
  • Legendary Ascended : Between 10% and 70% Prestige
  • Mythic Ascended : Between 10% and 150% Prestige

More details on this can be found on our ever-evolving Whitepaper.

Method 2 - Merge 1 Max Sticker + 5 Any Level Stickers

Your ascension bonus is the max sticker's bonus plus an additional 10%.

Method 3 - Merge Any 3 Max Level Stickers

Your ascension bonus is the sum of the three stickers' current ascension boost, plus 10%, with a cap per rarity:

  • 10% for Rare
  • 30% for Epic
  • 70% for Legendary
  • 150% for Mythic

This means that the method you choose will determine the prestige boost your ascended sticker receives. The more strategic your approach, the greater the rewards.

Additional Benefits of Stickers Ascension

In addition to the benefits listed above, Stickers Ascension also offers a number of other advantages, including:

  • Increased competitiveness on the leaderboards: With more powerful stickers at your disposal, you'll be better equipped to compete against the best players in the world.
  • A more rewarding gaming experience: As you ascend your stickers and unlock bigger boosts, you'll enjoy a more rewarding and engaging gaming experience.
  • Enhanced collection value: In principle, ascended stickers will be rarer and more valuable than their lower-rarity, non-ascended counterparts, adding to the overall value of your collection.

In conclusion, Stickers Ascension opens up new avenues for exploration and strategy in the world of Pooky. With various methods at your disposal and a unique prestige system, you can elevate your sticker collection to Mythical heights.

Ready to ascend your stickers to greatness? Dive into the world of Stickers Ascension and let your collection boosts your prediction points better than before.

That just about covers it, but for those of you wanting more, our Whitepaper covers this, plus many other topics in more technical detail. Until then, happy gaming!

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