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Pressure and Energy Management

February 15, 2023
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Pressure and Energy Management

You’ve read our article on the Basics and decided which Pookyball is right for you. Now you want to know how to make better use of your Energy and Pressure. 

That’s a wise decision. With knowledge comes reward. 

Let’s get into it. 

The more Energy you have, the more games you can predict. The more games you can predict, the more leaderboards you can compete in, and the more rewards you can win. So far, so easy. 

But remember:

  • Energy is an account-wide resource that only refills to 100% at the beginning of every week. (Monday midnight CET)
  • To begin, every player has 100 Energy and every prediction costs 10 Energy
  • Every Pookyball you own will increase your total amount of energy.

Energy is vital to your Pooky experience. How much Energy you have, how you manage it and how you get more of it depends on a Pookyball’s Prestige and Rarity

Let’s explore Prestige first. 


Like Energy, Prestige is an Account wide resource. Prestige has a direct impact on how much Energy you can have. The higher your Prestige, the higher your Energy.

The formula : Energy = 100 + ( Prestige * 3.4 )

OK! Prestige looks important. How do you get more of it? 

Prestige is based on the ‘features’ and ‘quality’ of your Pookyballs. 

  • Season: Older Pookyballs have higher Prestige
  • Rarity: Rarer Pookyballs have higher Prestige
  • Level Up / Ascension: every additional level of a Pookyball increases Prestige.

If you’re into complex game-design formulas, the below table will give you a taste. If you want more, head over to the Prestige section in our whitepaper.

Example of how prestige impacts energy

You have an Epic Pookyball at level 0 with a Prestige of 8. You also have a Rare level 0 Pookyball with a Prestige of 4. How is your Energy calculated?

100 [base Energy] + 27.2 [from your Epic Pookyball] + 13.6 [from your Rare Pookyball] = 140.2 Energy.

The above is a simplified example of how Prestige and Energy are related. Read the whitepaper for a more in-depth explanation.


As you can see in the image above, each Rarity level has a Prestige Multiplier, and an Energy Boost.

What do I need to get from 100 to 200 in Energy?

With 100 Energy you’ll be able to predict 1 Matchday, or 10 games per week. But let’s say you’re a big fan of the English Premier League and the French Ligue 1. You want to predict all the matches. To do that, you need 200 Energy. 

So, what would it take to get 200 Energy, or more? Check out the table below, or make your own calculations using the data from our whitepaper here.

Pookyball combinations explained

  • One of Each : The simplest strategy: One of each Rarity of Pookyball will give you 202 Energy. When all 4 are Maxed, you’ll have over 300 and be able to predict 3 Matchdays per week.
  • Legendary Deck : You don’t settle for anything but the highest quality. With 2 Legendary Pookyballs you’ll be able to compete to win 2 leaderboards from the start. When Maxed, you’ll have 340 Energy, giving you enough to predict the mid-week Champions League matches.
  • The underdog : Your cheapest way to 200 Energy. Having 16 Commons also means that, with patience, you’ll be able to Ascend them to 8 Rares, then 4 Epics and ultimately into 2 Legendary Pookyballs.
  • Growth Hacker : A more competitive alternative to A Great Deal.
  • The Challenger : 4 Epic Pookyballs costs the same as 1 Legendary and gets you to 200 Energy from day 1.
  • The Thinker : You’ll be competing on 3 Matchdays a week in no time. Upgrade and your Energy will be above 400. 

Want to get started? Check the marketplace and get building your collection, then head here now.

Under Pressure

All Pookyballs have a Pressure level. Every time you make a prediction, your Pookyball loses Pressure. When your Pressure drops below 76%, you earn less Prediction Points. Players can use POK or MATIC at any time to ‘re-inflate’ the Pookyball and restore the reward rate.

Future Energy Updates

It won’t be easy, but eventually you’ll have the potential to generate more Energy than you can use. Batteries, part of an upcoming Crafting Feature, will allow you to store this excess Energy. 

Additional Crafting Features will also allow you to manufacture items such as Stickers, Consumables and Collectibles. 

Strategy Tip: Some Crafting Features will cost more than 100 Energy, so large Energy totals will be needed.


Of all your Pookyball Features and Attributes, Energy is perhaps the most important to your prediction success. Simply put, the more Energy you have, the more predictions you can make and the more Points you can win. 

Your Energy depends on the Prestige and Rarity of your Pookyballs. The rarer your Pookyball, the more Prestige, the more Energy. It really comes down to your strategy for Pooky. 

If you haven’t already, check out our article on which Pookyball is best for you. 

And keep your Energy levels up. You’re going to need it.

When Can I Play Pooky?

Known as Genesis, the first Pookyballs were available since February 28th, when we launched the full game on March 22nd, 2023.

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