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From Common to Rare, Epic to Legendary: Which Pookyball is right for you

February 15, 2023
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From Common to Rare, Epic to Legendary: Which Pookyball is right for you

The first Mint starts on February 28th. The game goes live on March 22nd. It’s time to get ready. That starts with choosing your Pookyballs.

There are 4 different Pookyball Rarities to choose from: Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary. Which is the right one for you? Which Rarity best reflects your wallet, strategy and style of play? Which Rarity will maximise your chance of success and get you to the top of the Leaderboards? How do Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary Pookyballs differ in terms of cost, functionality and benefits? 

This is the first in a series of articles to help you understand everything you need to know.

Let’s get into it.

Pookyball Basics

You win Points for each correct (or partly correct) prediction. Pre-game odds are used to determine how many Points you win. 

Every prediction earns the same Points to begin with. However, every Pookyball has Fixed and Variable Attributes that BOOST the Points you win by a pre-determined percentage. 

How much of a Boost these Attributes give depends on the Rarity and The Level of your Pookyball.

Pookyball Attributes

There are two sets of Attributes: Fixed and Variable.

Fixed Attributes

The Fixed Variables are National Team, League, Club Team, Rarity and Season. In the image below you can clearly see the Boosted Points win percentage for each Fixed Attribute.

Let’s look at an example. You select a Pooky Ball with Ligue 1 as an Attribute and use it for a Ligue 1 match. The result will be a 10% Points Boost. Use a Pookyball with Marseille as the Club Team for a Marseille match and you’ll get an extra 20% Boost.

Variable Attributes

Every Pookyball has 6 Variable Attributes, each a multiplier for specific parts of a prediction. Variable Attributes can be Upgraded to give them bigger Boosts. 

For ease, the 6 Variable Attributes are divided into 3 categories: 

  • Outcome : Home win, Draw or Away win
  • Goals : Offence (3 goals or more) or Defence (2 goals or less)
  • Score : Predict the exact score

Pookyball Rarity Levels

The Rarity of a Pookyball is the first and most important aspect to consider. As mentioned, there are 4 Rarity levels of Pookyball: Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary. 

Rarity affects:

  • The initial allocation of Variable Attributes 
  • The future Upgrade potential of a Pookyball
  • The Prestige and Energy available to the player
  • The visual quality of a Pookyball

Note - FIXED Attributes are NOT affected by Rarity.

Every Pookyball is awarded Prediction Attribute Boosters at mint. How many Boosters depends on the Rarity Level. As you can see, there is a dramatic difference between Rarities. 

  • Common Pookyball - 50 Boosters
  • Rare Pookyball - 80 Boosters
  • Epic Pookyball - 120 Boosters
  • Legendary Pookyball - 170 Boosters

Boosters are randomly distributed between the 6 Variable Attributes at MINT Boosters can be distributed in an almost infinite number of ways. 

Let’s look at an Epic Pookyball with 120 Boosters as an example.

  • Home: +45%
  • Draw: +24%
  • Away: +8%
  • Offence: +5%
  • Defence: +23%
  • Score: +15%

Let’s visualise. Chelsea V Arsenal. Your prediction is 2-0. Which Attributes apply? Home, Defence (2 goals or less) and Score. The final result is 1-0. You are partly correct. You receive zero Bonus Prediction Points for Score, but your Prediction Points will be Boosted by Home +45% and Defence +23%.

Looking for an in-depth example? Read our detailed walkthrough in the whitepaper.

Rarity Boosts 

Rare, Epic and Legendary Pookyballs have an additional Rarity Bonus. 

  • Rare - 10% Prediction Points Boost
  • Epic - 21% Prediction Points Boost
  • Legendary - 33% Prediction Points Boost

Notice the Common Pookyball does not have a Boost.

At first glance, the Rarity Boost may not seem like much, but extrapolated over 10 matches per week and 38 Matchdays per season - across 5 leagues - and the difference between Rarity Levels is huge. The conclusion? Choosing a higher Rarity Level can give you a big edge.

Upgrading Variable Attributes

You can upgrade the Variable Attributes of every Pookyball. How much your Pookyball can be upgraded depends on its Rarity level

To upgrade Variable Attributes, you’ll need PXP and POK

Hey Pooky, remind me what PXP and POK are again.

  • PXP is the experience your Pookyball gains every time you win Prediction Points
  • $POK is Pooky’s in-game currency. Every time you rank on a Leaderboard you win POK. How much depends on your rank.  

You use PXP to unlock the next Level of your Pookyball. You use these PXP, along with a predetermined amount of $POK,to activate the Level Up.


Every Player starts with 100 Energy Points

  • Every prediction costs 10 Energy points
  • Energy resets every Monday night (Midnight CET)
  • Pookyballs increase your total energy. The more you own, the more total energy.

Energy is account wide. It is based and calculated on ALL of the Pookyballs in your collection. Every Pookyball contributes to increasing your total Energy.

What does that mean in practice? 1 Level 0 Common Pookyball has ads 6.6 energy to your total. If you have 2 Level 0 Common Pookyballs you have 13.2 extra energy for a total of 113.2.

We dig deeper into Energy and Pressure Management in this article.

Cost and Availability Of Pookyballs

Pookyballs can also be purchased in EUR/DOLLARS with a Credit Card at the MATIC/USD exchange rate or directly in MATIC or ETH from your wallet.

Genesis Mint

The first Pooky mint took place on Tuesday February 28th. Whitelisted players, Pooky team & investors will get a slight head start. It’s called Genesis and every minted Pookyball will come with 2 exclusive additions. 

  • Every Genesis Pookyball is on sale with a 10% discount
  • Every Genesis Pookyball has 2 exclusive and additional Fixed Attributes. The first one is a 10% Boost on all international games. The second is a 20% Boost on a randomly selected Top 25 European Nation. (check here for list)

After the Genesis collection, new MINTS will be organised regularly to allow new players to play Pooky. 

Excited for the Genesis Mint? Do you want to be one of the first to have a Pookyball? Check out our article on the Genesis Mint for everything you need to know. 

Reward Pools

Each league and Tournament (Premiership, La Liga, Ligue 1, Bundesliga, Serie A) has a Fixed Prize Pool with Rewards in MATIC and POK.The size of the Prize Pool increases as more Pookyballs are sold. 

Each league has 2 Leaderboards, with the Prize Pool divided between them. There is a Boosted Prediction Points Leaderboard and a Base Prediction Points Leaderboard

That makes 10 leaderboards (5 Top European leagues x 2 Leaderboards) per Matchday. And this doesn’t even take into account the Champions League, Europa League and International competitions that have the same reward structure :-) 

The lion’s share of the Rewards Pool is allocated to the Boosted Points Leaderboard.

  • 90% - Boosted Prediction Points Pookyball Leaderboard
  • 10% - Base Prediction Points Pookyball Leaderboard 

Strategy tip - Let’s look at this strategically. For the same price, you could buy 4 Rare or 1 Epic Pookyball. What would be the best choice, strategically? That depends. Having numerous Pooky Balls means you can specialise them.You could have 1 Pooky Ball with a huge “Away” boost, 1 with a huge “Draw” boost, and 1 with a huge “Home” boost. You select the appropriate ball for each prediction, and get massive returns when you predict correctly. More balls will also offer extra Energy to predict on more games & competitions.

For a more detailed breakdown of Rewards, read our article here!

Upcoming Features


An upcoming feature that will allow players to merge 2 Pookyballs at Max Level of the same Rarity into 1 Pookyball of the next Rarity Tier. 


These are Individual boosts for Fixed Attributes (country, prestige…) Rarer Pookyballs have more spots for stickers.

All upcoming features will be added to the whitepaper, so be sure to check in regularly. 


So which Pookyball is right for you? It comes down to personal considerations of price, benefits, strategy and rewards. 

Are you a serious player and want to predict every league in Europe? Then a combination of Epic, Rare and Legendary Pookyballs is the right choice.

If you’re a specialised Premiership player, or only want to predict on Serie A or the Bundesliga, then a Common or Rare Pookyball could be the best starting place. 

Will you use stats to make your predictions? Then a combination of Pookyballs could be your best choice.

If you have questions, refer to the whitepaper, or reach out on Twitter and Discord.

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