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Pooky’s Rewards In Detail

February 15, 2023
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Pooky’s Rewards In Detail

Now you’re getting to the business end. You’ve read our article on which Pookyball is right for you. You’ve learnt about Energy, Pressure and Prestige Management. Now, with the Genesis mint a matter of days away and Pooky officially launching in March, your attention has turned to rewards. 

To win the biggest rewards and be competitive at the highest level, the Rarity of your Pookyballs matters. Legendary and Epic Pookyballs are more expensive, but they increase your chances of ranking at the top of the leaderboards. 

Placing 1st or 2nd with a Common Pookyball will be difficult. However, using your skill, ranking above a Rare is your goal. The same goes for a Rare Pookyball. Winning a Matchday will take incredible accuracy, but ranking above an Epic and winning a larger proportion of rewards is your goal. 

Rank on Pooky Leaderboards to Win Rewards

At launch, you can predict 5 European Leagues in Pooky: The Premier League, Ligue 1, La Liga, Serie A and The Bundesliga. You’ll also be able to predict the Champions League, Europa League and European Cup Qualifiers. 

  • Each league has 2 Leaderboards for each Matchday of the season. 1 Leaderboard for Base Points and 1 Leaderboard for Boosted Points (see below).
  • In a regular season in France, England, Spain and Italy there are 38 matches. That means you will have 76 Leaderboards to compete in. 
  • For knockout and international tournaments, there will also be 2 Leaderboards. 

Rewards Distribution Between Leaderboards

Rewards are distributed on a sliding scale, heavily weighted towards the Boosted Points Leaderboard.

What is the Boosted Points Leaderboard?

The Boosted Points Leaderboard includes Points awarded because of your Pookyball’s Fixed and Variable Attributes.

What is the Base Points Leaderboard?

The Base Points Leaderboard only includes Points from your prediction, based on predetermined odds. They are not influenced by your Pookyball’s Attributes.

The Rarity and Attributes of your Pookyball has no impact in the Base Points Leaderboard → A Common Pookyball plays on equal terms with a Legendary Pookyball.

How are players rewarded

Players are rewarded in $POK (Pooky’s in-game currency) and $MATIC. 

If you’re not familiar with those currencies,

  • $MATIC is the network's native cryptocurrency of Polygon, which is used for their fees, staking, and more. You can buy or sell MATIC via exchanges like Coinbase or Binance. This Ethereum blockchain is home to a vast range of economic activity — from NFT markets and games to the growing DeFi ecosystem.
  • $POK is Pooky’s in-game (soulbound) native token. It plays an essential role in the gameplays mechanics. Over time, $POK will be replaced by $TPK, our upcoming main utility & tradable capped token.

Every Matchday has the same dedicated price-pool which increases over time depending on the total historical number of Pookyballs sold. The minimum Prize Pool for any Matchday is 500 MATIC and 35,730 $POK. At the time of writing 1 MATIC exchanges for $ 1.40 which means to price-pool is worth around $700. (click here to get latest rate)

Reward ladder

As more players join, the prize pool increases. The reward ladder will evolve to reflect that. To begin:

  • Winner receive a Common Pookyball
  • Top 1% take 28% of The MATIC & POK
  • Top 8% take 66% of MATIC & 60% of POK
  • Top 50% take 100% of MATIC & 90% of POK

Upcoming Rewards

As the Pooky roadmap unfolds, additional rewards will be added. These will include extra PXP, Pressure & Energy packs, Stickers and Cosmetic Items. 

As ever, keep an eye on our social channels for news on upcoming rewards. 

How much POK and MATIC can I win?

Enough of the theory, how much MATIC and POK can you win? We’ve created a simulator to help you calculate rewards. 

The Pooky simulator works on the three main variables that affect reward distribution:

  • Number of Pookyballs sold since launch
  • Number of players that predict on a specific matchday and league
  • Your ranking

The accuracy of the simulator will improve as the season progresses. Click here for the simulator. Please follow the instructions carefully.

Rewards Conclusion

The biggest rewards go to the top places on a Matchday. If you want to win Matchdays on a regular basis, you’ll need to have a Legendary or Epic Pookyball. 

But you can compete and win more than your fair share of rewards with any Rarity of Pookyball. Common can outscore Rare, Rare can outscore Epic and Epic can outscore Legendary. There’s also a world where a Common ball beats a Legendary one.

Your skill and the accuracy of your predictions ultimately has the biggest influence on your rank. You just have to combine that with the right Pookyball.

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