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Get Ready For The New And Improved Pooky Gameplay: Features, Updates & Rewards.

March 20, 2023
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Get Ready For The New And Improved Pooky Gameplay: Features, Updates & Rewards.

On March 22nd, Pooky’s full game mode goes live. This means bye bye beta. There will be more rewards, more excitement, and more football!! With kick-off, comes a few substitutions, formation changes and strategy adjustments. Whether you’re a newcomer or a prediction veteran, these changes are both exciting and important. Let’s take a look at what awaits you in the new and improved Pooky.

Upgrading Your Pooky Experience with the Pro Leagues

First things first. As of the 22nd of March, you’ll *need* a tradable Pookyball to compete in the Pro leagues. If you’re already a holder, congratulations. You’re ready. For those about to get their first tradable Pookyball, here are just some of the benefits.

  • Increased reward pools on ALL leaderboards. Goal! With the launch rewards will increase from 200 MATIC to 500 MATIC. Minimum! (Prize pools will increase as more Pookyballs are sold.)
  • But it gets better, not only is the prize pool 2.5x larger, it’ll be easier to win. Previously, only the top 1% won MATIC. That will increase to the top 50% in the Pro leagues. Yes, you read that correctly: the better half of leaderboards wins MATIC. 

The distribution of MATIC will be as follows:

  • 90% Boosted Points Leaderboards (450 MATIC) : All of your points are boosted with the Pookyball attributes you used on your prediction.
  • 10% Base Points Leaderboards (50 MATIC) : only includes points from your predetermined odds. A Common Pookyball plays on equal terms with a Legendary Pookyball.

Check out our Rewards article to get all details.

Energy Update For Optimizing Your Strategy

This is the most significant change that awaits you: The Energy Cost of predicting a Match moves from 4 to 10. This is a crucial update to increase the skill and strategy of predictions and decrease the luck factor. It will be rolled out across all leagues and modes.

Optimizing for Energy is key to making more predictions. When the calendar gets busy, there could be up to 7 competitions available to predict on. You won’t be able to predict all of them so choosing the right leagues is part of the initial strategy/

Over time, you will be able to upgrade your Pookyballs, increase their Energy and increase the number of games - and Leagues - you can predict on.   

Most players will start by predicting one league at launch. To get ahead of the playing pool, you can increase your Energy - and predict more games - by having more Pookyballs. The rarer the ball, the more extra energy it will provide.

Check out our Energy Management article for more info.

Introducing the Basic Leagues

Pooky will also be launching an amateur league, aka Basic league, which is 100% free-to-play. 

Sign up, unlock your first Basic Pookyball (non-tradable), and compete for a chance to gain promotion to the Pro leagues. The top 5 players of each leaderboard will win a common Pookyball, essentially securing your access to the Pro leagues, with those BIG rewards.

To help your promotion hopes, upgrade your first Basic Pookyball to level 5, and you’ll unlock a second free Basic Pookyball, that might just be the key to winning a common Pookyball, and gaining lifetime access to the full game.

Basic League Format

The brand-new Basic Leagues will have three Leaderboards per week to compete on. Each will feature 4 hand-picked matches to battle it out for a top 5 spot.

Think of it as a Pooky Super Sunday, 3 times per week.

IMPORTANT! Basic Pookyballs have a max energy of 100, meaning you will have to pick wisely which matchday you will compete for, as you won’t have enough to predict all the scores across all weekly fixtures.

How to unlock the Pro Leagues?

Sorry folks, our first tradable Pookyball collection has SOLD OUT! 

But don’t panic. We’re having a second sale when we launch on 22nd of March. But it will be limited.

Just 100 Pookyballs will be released for purchase, and we expect a combination of existing owners looking to bolster their collection, and newcomers wanting access the Pro Leagues to get their hands on this limited supply.

There will be 1 Legendary, 4 Epics, 18 Rares and 77 Common Pookyballs. Genesis holders and whitelisted players will enjoy a 1-hour window of priority. To get on the whitelist, you need to upgrade one of your basic Pookyballs to level 10.

Discover everything you need to know about Pookyballs here.

Keep an eye on our Marketplace for the next available Mint. If you’re in a hurry, Pookyballs are also available on our secondary marketplace on OpenSea. (this is our official page).

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