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Shaping Our Game's Future: Community-Driven Update

April 19, 2024
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Shaping Our Game's Future: Community-Driven Update

Let’s start by saying how immensely grateful we are to our vibrant community for engaging so actively with our recent gameplay update blogs and the new whitepaper. Your enthusiasm has not only sparked lively discussions across Discord but also inspired a wealth of insightful videos from our dedicated players and ambassadors, and a plethora of direct inquiries. Your feedback and suggestions are invaluable to us, serving as a blueprint for continuous improvement. Rest assured, we will continue to listen and improve as we go.

Proactive Strategy for Gameplay Rollout

In preparation for the exciting launch of our new gameplay features, timed with the European league's kick-off in August 2024, we made a strategic decision to reveal these changes a full five months in advance. This proactive approach was designed to uphold our commitment to transparency and to give our players ample time to provide feedback. Your insights have been crucial, allowing us to fine-tune the game mechanics effectively—thank you for your invaluable contributions!

1. Market Response and Player Engagement

Following this announcement, we've observed an increase in player engagement and a remarkable increase in activity on our primary marketplace. Notably, we experienced two consecutive weeks of sold-out inventory for both Pookyballs and Sticker Packs.

This article aims to bring you the latest updates and detailed clarifications on the new gameplay, transition strategies, our roadmap, tokenomics, and much more.

1.1 Refining Gameplay: Your Feedback in Action

This section is a follow-up on Pooky’s updated gameplay, which you can read here: Evolution of Gameplay.

Following the community's insights, we've fine-tuned Pooky's gameplay dynamics. Here's a snapshot of the enhancements:

  • Ascension Cost and Levelling: We’re introducing the "Ascension Bar" for when your league pass is fully upgraded, or maxed out if you like. Now, you can fill this bar with XP to unlock up to a 40% discount on ascension costs for items up to Legendary rarity, and an even more generous 50% for higher rarities - Read More Here.
  • League Pass attributes: Say hello to the "Team Attribute" – a feature designed to make each pass uniquely beneficial. This attribute boosts points for the specified team, enhancing your rewards - Read More Here.

1.2 Refining Team Mechanics: A Work in Progress

In the current game design, all teams boosters are positioned at the League Pass level. As a result, Champions and Europa League Passes will feature exclusive teams. This setup means that team boosters that are specific to Domestic League Passes, such as the English League or French League, and do not currently influence the Champions and Europa League passes.

We've received numerous suggestions regarding this aspect of the game, and we want to reassure the community that we are actively considering these ideas. Given the significant impact these changes would make, we want to thoroughly evaluate all potential options, which will take some time. Rest assured, this is a topic we are diligently exploring. We will keep you updated and share our final decision once we have developed a solution that maintains the game's balance and enhances player experience.

1.3 Transition valuation updates

As we navigate through the exciting changes coming in August 2024, this section builds upon our previous discussions on asset transition. Read more here.

Genesis Valuation Increase: We're pleased to announce that Genesis assets will receive a 10% extra value during the transition in August. This enhancement is part of our commitment to recognise and reward our early supporters. Read more here.

1.3.1 Valuation of Pookyballs and Stickers

We want to thank you all for your feedback regarding the valuation of assets on our secondary marketplace. Your insights are crucial to us, and we've taken the time to carefully consider your request for valuing assets based on secondary market prices.

After thorough analysis, we've decided to maintain our current valuation process, which is based on the initial mint price plus any progression each asset has achieved. We believe this method offers a fair and consistent approach for all members of our community. It's important to note that while some assets have indeed fetched higher prices on the secondary market, many assets have been sold for less than their mint price. Our goal is to ensure fairness across the board, preventing potential exploits and providing a stable valuation where every player can start afresh.

We encourage you to try our transition simulator to see how these valuations are calculated and gain a deeper understanding of the system's benefits.

1.3.2 Marketplace Incentives

Ahead of the updated Pro League's launch, we're offering a 20% discount on Pookyballs and Stickers, enabling you to enhance your collection and secure a competitive edge.

We guarantee that all assets will retain a 1:1 value in the new game, regardless of the current discounts. This means that any Pookyball or Sticker you purchase now at a discount will be valued at its full original mint price in the updated game, with progression increasing its value up to 1.5x when fully upgraded.

1.3.3 Breakdown of Asset Valuation

Let's break down the numbers to illustrate how this works across different rarities:

  • Common Rarity: A Common Pookyball currently discounted to $20, down from its original price of $25, will be valued at a minimum of $25 in the updated Pro game. With full progression, its value could soar to $37.50.
  • Rare+ Rarities: Similarly, if you invest in a Rare, Epic, or Legendary Pookyball, or Sticker at a 20% discount now, you'll receive full value back in the new game. For example, a Rare Pookyball with an original mint price of $100, discounted at $75, will be valued at $100 plus progression in the updated game. If maxed, its value could reach $150.

This gives all players the potential to grow as they prepare for the new gameplay experience. It's our way of saying thank you for your continued support and to encourage you to build a robust collection that will serve you well in the competitive landscape of the updated Pro League.

To calculate the value of your collection, use our asset valuation simulator (Make a copy of the Google Sheet to edit).

2. Roadmap updates: Early Beta Access

This section provides an update on our 2024 Transition roadmap. For more detailed insights, refer to our comprehensive Transition and Timeline Blog. Read more here.

To ensure a smooth transition, we are granting early beta access to our players. This not only allows you to familiarise yourself with the new system but also offers the chance to earn TPK rights, similar to an airdrop mechanism.

In our development timeline, the priority is to first enhance the gameplay experience. Following this, we will introduce the tradability feature for League Passes and other in-game assets, aligning this rollout with the tradability timeline of the $TPK token.

Here's our estimated timeline:

  • August/September: During the pre-launch phase, players can gain and accumulate TPK Replica off-chain. This phase is crucial for setting the groundwork for upcoming transactions.
  • October/November: We will hold a private sale exclusively for our community, offering $TPK at a discounted rate. This is an opportunity for our early supporters to benefit from their loyalty and engagement.
  • November/December: The official launch period will see $TPK listed on a Decentralised Exchange (DEX) and potentially even a Centralised Exchange (CEX). At this point, the TPK Replica can be exchanged for $TPK tokens, and players will be able to purchase additional $TPK at market price.

3. Tokenomics updates*

We're excited to follow up on our previous blog where we detailed the transition to a single token economy, with $TPK becoming the sole currency powering Pooky, replacing MATIC and POK. Read more here.

From the outset, our vision has been to fuel Pooky with our native token. We've been transparent about our tokenomics since late 2022, sharing details in our whitepaper well ahead of our Genesis launch in February 2023. Read more here.

As Coinjournal reported, "In the first phase, Pooky will leverage its POK token to test its in-game mechanics. However, it will transition to its native and tradable TPK token […] TPK is an ERC-20 utility token that would be used for in-game expenses and rewards."

*All numbers below are subject to change.

3.1 Whitepaper Enhancements: A Closer Look

We have updated the Whitepaper to provide more comprehensive details. Here is a summary of the pivotal updates:

  • Token Valuation: Our valuation is endorsed by leading Crypto and Gaming venture capitalists, reflecting both tangible and intangible assets and the project's long-term potential. Market conditions may influence the token price at launch, but rest assured, a private sale will offer our players tokens at a preferential discount.
  • Token Utilities: TPK’s utility extends beyond just progression features. It's the currency for all in-game purchases, and we're excited to announce that converting TPK into PookyDollars comes with a 10% bonus. This incentive is designed to stimulate demand and create a robust market for TPK. As we evolve the Pro Football game and introduce new sports, we'll unveil additional utilities.
How does the 10% Bonus work? When you buy PookyDollars with TPK, you’ll receive an immediate 10% cash bonus. For example, 10,000 TPK at $0.01 each equates to a market value of $100, which would be exchanged into $110 PookyDollars to buy assets from Pooky’s Marketplace.
  • Token Allocation: 50% of TPK goes directly to the player rewards, which is 25% above the industry average for the web3 gaming industry, where 40% is allocated to community rewards and incentives. More than half of TPK will directly benefit players through rewards and community incentives like airdrops. The remainder supports the project's growth and operations, such as adding liquidity on DEXs (Treasury), boosting the project’s visibility, promoting the launch of new sports (Marketing), and incentivise the team and key contributors (Team & Advisors). Read this article for more details on benchmarks.
  • Token Unlock and Vesting Schedules: At launch, the circulating supply will be capped at 50M $TPK (5%). The supply will increase according to the unlock schedule detailed below:
For tokens allocated to the Treasury, it means that 25% of the tokens are locked for the first 12 months (the lockup cliff), and the remaining 75% unlocks monthly over the rest of the lockup period (3 years).
For tokens allocated to the Team, these are vested meaning that there are time-based conditions to earn these tokens. If a team member departs from Pooky, unvested tokens are forfeited to the company's treasury and may be reallocated.
  • Token Model: Linked to our reward distribution model, for all TPK spent in-app,
    • (i) 82.8% is reallocated to the Player Reward pool, where these tokens are re-locked,
    • (ii) 8% are burned, permanently removed from circulation,
    • and (iii) 9.2% go to Pooky’s treasury to finance the development of the Pooky ecosystem.
  • This approach ensures an even more gradual release of tokens over time with a significant amount of re-locked tokens. Consequently, the slower liquidity increase over the coming years improves scarcity, thus creating an upward pressure on the price.

3.2 Tokenomics and Player Behaviour

We have added a few different scenarios to show how our tokenomics and player behaviour impact the token liquidity over the 60 months post-TGE.

These scenarios are based on external parameters: (i) the percentage of TPK rewards re-spent by players in the game and (ii) the percentage of the liquid supply bought and spent by players in the game.

3.3 Revenue in Fiat and TPK

One final topic to cover is the revenue generated in Fiat (I.e. USD). Fiat revenue will first serve to cover essential operating and development expenses, including staff costs, infrastructure, data providers, marketing, and administrative costs.

Once operational costs are covered, extra Fiat proceeds will be used within legal bounds to:

  • Support the $TPK stability and appreciation,
  • Accelerate the growth of the user base, as well as increasing the visibility of the game,
  • Create promotional events, such as launching new leagues offering real-life prizes, etc.

In-game spending of TPK will primarily replenish the reward pool for players, ensuring that, over time, all tokens are distributed to the community.

Final Words of Gratitude to our community

Whilst we come to the close of this article, we are just getting started in gearing up for something special with our update. We want to express our deepest appreciation for your valuable feedback so far.

Your feedback on the planned new gaming mechanics will be continuously reviewed to perfect the gameplay for the upcoming free-to-play mobile app launch and prepare us all for the updated Pro Leagues in August.

This is a follow-up article in a series of updates aimed at providing an unparalleled football prediction experience. We encourage you to delve deeper into our journey by exploring the related articles:

Your continued support is the cornerstone of our progress, and it makes us truly happy and excited to step into this new era with you. Together, not just as players and fans of the game; we get to be the architects, shaping an experience that resonates with players all around the globe, present and future!


This article by Pooky Games and/or its affiliates ("we," "us," and "our") is for informational purposes only and contains indicative figures. It is not intended as investment, legal, or tax advice. Before engaging in any cryptocurrency transactions based on this content, consider your financial situation and consult with a professional advisor. Cryptocurrency investments carry risks, including potential loss. Past performance does not guarantee future results. By reading this article, you agree that you are responsible for your own investment decisions and acknowledge that we are not liable for any actions taken based on this information.

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